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MapleStory: Possibly Returning & Pre-Big Bang Player
United States
New York
22 January, 2016 (366 Days Ago)
Posted by:

I was feeling nostalgic and was pondering returning to Victoria and the adjoining worlds. The last time I played was back in 2008 or \'09 and, understandably, there has been a universe\'s worth of changes, including to the layout of the buttons and main screen!

One of the reasons I left though wasn\'t due to gameplay (despite the fact that I couldn\'t stand how you had to follow a guide in terms of assigning your stat points every level or else be deemed useless), but the elitist community within my world (Windia).

Question/Spoons/Whatever They\'re Called Here:

Would an older player be horrifically stunned and hindered by changes, or would I be able to integrate a bit into this new world?

Any elitist mentality would probably only be present in end-game areas and the Romeo and Juliet Party Quest to Buy MapleStory Mesos, since the PQ is mainly used for training. You can easily avoid the PQ if you want, though.

Explorers have a fairly basic story, so if you want to create a new character you can start one of them. I would recommend avoiding the Kinesis class until you play through the FriendStory dungeon on another character, as a lot of references in the story might fly over your head if you don\'t do so.

All of the new classes on the main site are making me dizzy. The last time I was in the game Pirates were beginning to get super popular and we just got the class that had dragon pets...I have a Priest....or Bishop, whichever is before the fourth advancement, that much I want to buy Cheap MapleStory Mesos. I\'d like to play with him again since it had taken so long to get him to the third job, however, I read somewhere leveling is extremely simple now?


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