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Christian Louboutin red in recent years in favor of India with a pattern design into Rantus Orlato Flat air max 95 shoes into the creation of the new early spring 2013 shoes, Suggested retail price is $ 795 dollars, the current size of the cut is very fast, we had better hurry ten million opportunity! British men footwear brand Oliver Sweeney Compass recently released a new series, this series is designed for outdoor activities like a public use home and set up, especially for the very popular cycling events in recent years, so that we in addition to general sports shoes can also match the

interesting gentleman shoes to match as well as a general riding daily use, shoes to Clayton the production of Chesterfield leather build, also made with suede shoes, soft material, will give users a comfortable wearing experience, and good quality, air max 90 essential very durable. Meanwhile footwear with a variety of color, and will officially open on sale, interested friends may wish to publish Oliver Sweeney official website. Recently, Nike and MEDICOM TOY launch a new series of Nike x BE @ RBRICK Lunar Force 1 series again, so that movement of classic and legendary iconic toy combination again. It is reported that, Nike x BE RBRICK Lunar Force 1 series will be for sale on December 19, the series includes carefully crafted Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Destroyer Jacket and BE RBRICK doll. In this series, two Lunar Force 1 echoes the previous project, with a new look. Which stems from a 2004 version of the first cooperation, another is adopted last year BE

RBRICK released trapping. Both shoes have a special mark on the tongue and the Cubs insole. Nike Lunar Force 1 will be legendary and modern design combined with innovative use of the latest in modern technology. Its seamless uppers using Nike's Hyperfuse technology, the sole use of Lunarlon cushioning system, the entire shoe lighter, cushioning and comfort are unparalleled. Nike Destroyer Jacket uses the traditional leather sleeves, the remaining parts of the use of wool fabric, this design is quite nostalgic, reminiscent of the kinds of patches and embroidery. Both shoes will be part of the retailer in the world for sale on December 19. Corresponding special edition Nike x BE RBRICK Destroyer Jackets will be on sale only in Japan on the same day. Which jacket sleeves will be printed with Nike and BE RBRICK brand logo. In order to enrich the contents of this series, the corresponding special edition Nike x BE RBRICK Lunar Force 1 100%


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and 400% over the same period in doll toys will also be supporting the global limit specified store outlets. Shop for sale in Greater China Shanghai Huaihai store experience for Nike, Nike flagship store in Beijing, and Hong Kong PS7 shops. About BE RBRICK: BE RBRICK is a building block toy bear, creativity from the digital teddy bear. BE RBRICK officially launched in 2001, was established in 1996 by the Japanese MEDICOM TOY toy brands produced. Since then, nike flyknit air max the arts, sports and fashion will be integrated in the new canvas numerous times. Nike and creative partnerships MEDICOM TOY can be traced back in 2002. When the Air Force 1 BE RBRICK released a decade ago, the avid sports shoes and toys to achieve fusion. Then in 2004 they launched the first Nike sneakers x MEDICOM - exclusive sales in Japan SB Dunk. The latest cooperation between the two once again combines the toys and sports apparel design creativity, to

celebrate the launch Lunar Force 1, this innovative new chapter in air max thea sports shoes. From birth, Adi Wang will be all the users of the label affixed to the cottage, although Adi Wang has never been a positive response to the spirit of this symbol of fun and entertainment, but the fact is, in the cottage in the process, Adi King show explosive growth in popularity until the blaze a new trail in the abundance of Jinjiang sports shoe brand in 2009 became the biggest dark horse horse sports brand. As of July 2010, "Adi King" has more than 10 provinces in the country set up a branch, sales of over billion. In early 2009, a network of friends named doctorlob in Mop post, "I see today a brand called" Adi King "," but the full text of more than 60 words: "I saw a sneaker brand today called

'Adi King' people's slogan is 'all Jieneng change'! Oh my God, this world is also what people have, what brand are, what slogan also have, and all learn from others ...... "In order to prove that he said is true, the users also labeled Adi King store pictures. Perhaps the king and Adidas Adi too close to the brand name, perhaps the king and Adidas Adi too similar brand LOGO, or maybe Adi King phrase "everything Jieneng change" slogan specious, and soon, they broke the news that attracted attention by friends as "very shocking" Adi King began spreading in the cat pounced and "brutally spoof." And with the "spoof campaign," intensified, Adidas is also unlimited deified king, unlimited praise, and even became friends elected "cosmic peak brand." Many people look at Adi King posts for the music, which also created a more active part in people "spoof campaign" at home. In Baidu Baike, the Adi King's company history is modified into "by Adi King


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Solomon (International) Sports Development Group Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned company registered in China," and is called "Adidas can even super and more evenly divided between luxury brand ", and this version is also spoof" defend "content, even if modifications were also soon be restored. Quanzhou sports shoes and apparel companies Adi King's management is smart. When that type of message issued to the taunt, Adidas shoe king did not like the general, regardless of whether, as part of the brand did not want to publish a statement on the bin only. Adi King's management to understand, if you can not boot screen name attention, for Adi Wang brand damage would be inevitable. After analyzing the reason of things, to clarify the nature of Adi Wang did not adopt the basic public relations statement, instead of using public opinion to guide the way, "will make big things" and then guided to the opinion of Adi Wang Youli, to the greatest degree of reduction

brand damage. Adidas Adi Adi Wang Wang suppress this brand air max classic bw is very happy feeling, because it may at first sound like Adidas most high-end products. Including the use of the trademark Adidas king, but also with Adidas trademark exists a lot of similarities. So when the Adi King netizens as a joke, when there was simply laughing Adidas. In the last two years, Adidas has served in various cities, Wuhan, Dalian, Wang and distributors of Adidas sued, that the other side there is a trademark infringement and unfair competition. Get the message from the current point of view, these cases are not basically finalized, which in some cases to sue Adidas are all dismissed in the first trial phase ended. That is, until now, Adi Wang has not suffered any substantial blow. But

it is worth mentioning that, for Adi King, this is absolutely not afford to air max 90 hyperfuse lose a marathon lawsuit. As long as any city in the future lose the case, there could mean Adi King brand completely collapse. So in the face of Adidas aggressive offensive, defensive Adi king can only do at home? Obviously this is not part of the "King" choice. Opened in 2011 just one, people are seeing signs Adi king in the NBA, if an analogy, then, this is like Xifeng boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Evening stage, many users will certainly turn mine front of the TV. So when Adi King appeared in the NBA when, in a sense, and it has an official sponsor Adidas NBA equal status. This position in addition to increasing brand awareness outside greater significance is that those who may have subtle effects on the domestic proceedings conducted. Adi Adi Wang Wang is not simple, a birth and a grassroots beginning to mimic well-known brand brand mission, despite its downright


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cottage is a brand, but by virtue of its unique cottage is basically zero cost marketing, in a very short gained incredible popularity within the time, no doubt thought-provoking. Wang brands such as Adidas, its main consumer group focused on the second and third tier cities, these consumer groups on the brand awareness is not very high, but Adi Wang due to lower prices, than other brands have greater price advantage. Reporters also saw the establishment of the king from the Adidas official flagship store on Taobao, the brand of sneakers priced mostly in the 150 to 200 yuan, compared with the market's more well-known domestic brands, really a lot cheaper. air max 1 For Adi King "spoof" Marketing, Hou Lidong also expressed understanding. In his opinion, some of the smaller brands like Adidas King of strength due to funding and limited spending on marketing and not too much, to get a certain reputation, really need to "off the beaten track." "I would be very

impressed Fujian business." Hou Lidong frankly, although a considerable number of Jinjiang gather sports brand, but basically have their own brand positioning and marketing practices, and basically live in peace among the major manufacturers, which in other industry are rare. So, will also play a marketing realm, entertainment consumers, amused consumers, and the resulting "analogies" effect will no doubt greatly enhance brand awareness air max 180 and reputation. When we look back at the classic marketing case again, "imitation + innovation" is perhaps the most worthy of our attention marketing model, such as Tencent, has been imitated, but has been in innovation. Perhaps, as Adi King slogan says: "anything can change." In the new market environment, marketing,

if you can not change over time, and talk about how to develop it this pair of Converse Jack Purcell traditional badminton shoes, go today? although a wide variety of high-tech sports shoes are eliminated in sports court, but Jack Purcell has suddenly become a casual style of street people, became a lot more interesting elements of the classic carrier. Following the earlier tribute Browns Beach Jacket woolen version launched recently in Converse has launched a special edition of the new fabrics Jack Purcell, Britain's leading fabric manufacturers using British Millerain custom Plaid fabric with brown-green tone, very traditional British clothing taste, now transplanted to the top of Jack Purcell, they are the two classic collision, interested friends to step up take notice.


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Recently, the case of Anta, and other famous sports brand spring and summer orders are less optimistic, according to the relevant data show that compared to last year decreased by 20% -30%. Display ( Knowledgebase footwear electricity suppliers making shoes, sports brand in 2013 the market situation is still grim, but if effective depth adjustment, with such a platform for brand Momo shopping guide upgrade, there is still a large market space for development. Recently, China's sports brand continued in the "winter" state, momentum has gone down in the

double attack the weak economy and high stock market, China's sporting goods companies continue to sink, the domestic sports brand nike huarache continue to increase competitiveness . According to Li Ning flagship store official data showed the second quarter of 2013 would freeze orders, order intake saw a decline state, while the official website store ANTA also announced that 2013 second quarter order book value also fell by 15% to 25%. In addition to domestic sports brand, international sports brand line could not escape from Adidas official website informed that this year, Adidas orders in China also declined. In addition, high inventory deterioration sports brand has become a major factor in the industry market. Before many of the popular shoes allow consumers, are also affected, relevant media reports, Jordan sports shoes sales last year fell more than 10%. The popular basketball fans keen to peak sales of basketball shoes is not as last year.

Faced with such bad form, many industry insiders have given this advice: domestic sports brand as soon as possible to work out measures to deal with trade adjustment and transformation and upgrading of enterprises. For the needs of poor problems facing the industry, many sports brand certainly will not stand still. Most brands through a price war to clean out inventory. Various promotional discounts Nike 360 official website, really clean up a lot of inventory, substantial price cuts converse all star price of Nike shoes attracted many consumers. According to the relevant media, even China's most prestigious old brand back shoes, back shoes wholesale prices could not escape trouble. But the long-term price war is actually a kind of internal injuries, at this point, Li Ning to adopt


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