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Zhang also make recommendations on CBA League managers in obtaining a high after Sponsors Sponsors should further improve the CBA professional brand, and better service for the sponsors. "The most important thing is not the league now how much money you want to sell, but how to continue the process of professionalization. Have a reasonable institutional arrangements, sustainable and predictable public process, even if it is not a step, but also to make people look into the future. Now suddenly the money, how to spend the money over the past four years, the league reform stalled, hope this 'huge' to enter, closed four years of reform and open door can be a gap. "In 2005, before the basket tube Director of the Center developed a Chinese professional

basketball LiYuanWei development of the "Polaris program," The ultimate goal of this 10-year plan is to promote the development of the CBA company, Zhang said, "In fact, Polaris plans to start well, but Chinese basketball in the Olympics after reforms basically stagnated, air jordan 3 the current CBA is only semi-professional league, "LiYuanWei also made the same view:". CBA significant appreciation is always a good thing, but the attendant pressure will increase, plus the amount of sponsorship While large, the quality of service must keep pace with the development of the league should be closer to the market, but if something unsustainable. "on the wrong road halt, is also a forward. World-renowned sports brand Nike familiar, do the right thing is the strategy is to do

things right strategy in the face of the pressures of rising costs of raw materials, the latest strategy is to its Umbro (Umbro) Football supplies and Cole Haan shoes these two brands. "This will allow us to reduce industry costs, concentrate on the development of core products, the ability to focus resources on the greatest potential for Nike for the opportunity to continue to promote the sustainable and profitable growth." The company CEO Mark - Parker said . In his view, its namesake brand air jordan 6
as well as Jordan, Converse and Hurley brands bears more potential, but behind the three brands have "unique customer relationships", and complement the Nike brand. Nike is not just the past two years, the prospects for economic development in the unknown and capital chain


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tight pressure, most multinational companies based on the actual consideration, broken wrist began to implement a strategic contraction, such as the US Big Three auto companies to sell Volvo, Land Rover Jaguar and other high-end brands, P & G sold Pringles, Pfizer sold the nutrition business. These brands, many of them are they ever acquisition targets, such as Umbro (Umbro) Nike soccer equipment is acquired in 2008. ? In the numerous "sale" shift in what led to their strategic expansion and contraction of it "broken wrist": Challenges cut opportunities like gecko

tails danger would like to get out through the broken wrist ways to adjust their own, PKU Management Consulting Group senior partner think that sometimes in order to better attack and defense performed. Brand systematically planned contraction is usually carried out under the nike hypervenom phantom guidance of its brand strategy, Nike plans to sell the two brands, in addition to the external part of the economic factors, but also its brand strategy adjustment. Prior to that, there are many similar Nike broken wrist action. 2007 Nike to $ 60 million sale of its clothing brand STARTER, because its growth performance as Nike's other brands. Nike Youyi price of $ 200 million a year later, the famous hockey brand Bauer its

1995 price of $ 395 million of acquisitions, sold to a private equity firm Kohlberg, because the brand has been growing weak. In Pan Yifan seems, the more good business opportunity for more, because many companies are willing to sell the company itself, for these big companies, the nike mercurial vapor ix real challenge is not to look for opportunities, but cut chance. If the short-term growth, expand sales under temptation, hungry to acquire some companies appear to be no problem, it may cause a lot of trouble for the subsequent development of the enterprise. Corporate strategy to take shrink, be sure to find the core strengths, most profitable, most customer satisfaction, the highest position in the market is sure to keep the brand, he believes, can often cut unprofitable brands and profitability


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are the main Camp business without the help of brand development. For example, the product line now spans nine categories, with more than 20 international brands of Nestle, in 2008, specializing in the sale of ophthalmic products Alcon (Alcon) 77% of the shares. Previously, Nestle has closed or sold a poor business performance of 150 plants, but rarely have the "cash cow" up for sale precedent. "Nestle's main advantage is funded, broad product line, brand influence, but not in the industry segments and competitors expertise and precision." Jane Epworth Investment Advisor analysts believe that this is

also associated with Nestle's transformation, it From the instant the baby is nike magista obra fg ready to rely on food and instant coffee started veteran European companies, the transition to a healthy, nutritious, high-tech and personalized diet advocates. Although the strategic initiative to expand shrink become multinationals generally cope with the international financial crisis and the ongoing economic downturn, a rational choice. At the same time, some companies based on judgments about the future to improve the share of emerging markets and emerging industries in the global strategy,

to seize the next opportunity and prosperity. Major Japanese general trading nike mercurial superfly fg company Marubeni on May 29 with $ 3.6 billion acquisition of US third-largest wholly-owned food company GAVILON, get their own food in the nation's more than 140 food distribution centers and a large distribution network as well as in Brazil, Australia and Ukraine and other major breadbasket of the base, which ranks among the world's major grain traders. And in the previous eight days, with companies in Asia, China Dalian Wanda Group signed a merger agreement with the US AMC theater company, Wanda invested $ 2.6 billion acquisition of AMC100% equity and debt. "M & A is indeed a very good competitive strategy," the general manager (China) marketing strategy


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consulting firm Ries partner Zhang Yun said, but the premise of the enterprise should be diversified acquisitions to expand in the field of the original, or is the dominant brand has done industry-leading position, has the absolute advantage, the dominant firm. For example, Procter & Gamble, Ivory soap first began to do the absolute advantage of doing other Toyota brand after doing this, began to make Chrysler. Second, the business expansion of mergers and acquisitions, it is best to strengthen the existing brand, there is direct competition, such as Procter & Gamble acquired Pantene, Clairol, both to grasp new opportunities, but also to consolidate the existing brand position . The bad acquisition expansion strategy is two, one is the opportunity to see an

industry, it is trying to acquire a company to enter the industry; another is adidas 11pro trx fg the acquisition of complementary businesses, leading companies lost focus, allow consumers to generate brand awareness of mental confusion. Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter of the past 50 years M & A case study found that the failure rate of these two acquisitions was 80%. In addition to the acquisition itself and its ability to integrate business is also important, although many of the acquisition by P & G to grow their own, such as shampoo brand Clairol Herbal series

of acquisitions that, but more importantly, in this huge consumer goods empire, adidas predator instinct fg its product development and research, marketing, planning, communication system is perfect, but at its end can be formed intensive management, the use of synergies between brands to form an overall advantage. Relaxation is the secret behind the attack while the expansion of the enterprise, while the brand's broken wrist contraction, seemingly contradictory, in fact, between a relaxation, hides a great mystery. In fact, Zhang Yun fact, many multinationals have been found in the expansion,


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contraction, and then expand, then shrink the cycle of wandering. Enterprises in the overall expansion strategy, usually after its main business doing better, would like to develop a new growth module by way of diversification, its acquisition strategy should be in line with the company's strategic direction and future needs of the industry at the time. But, after the acquisition, Pan Yifan that the company might find its entry in the field may not be as simple as envisaged originally thought, and each may or may encounter different segments of strong competitors, or because of the economic

situation of the problem, their main business or core brands Gubuguolai other conditions, cheap toms shoes only conduct business restructuring by refocusing the way, will be unrelated to the core business, or low correlation to sell the brand. When Ford sold Volvo is the financial crisis, the parent company cash flow problems encountered, measures have to be taken off the wrist. When the blind expansion encounter problems by shrinking focused approach can often enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, out of trouble. Like General Motors after the original nine brands reorganization only four brands, but quickly achieve profitability. But in promoting the growth of the capital market requirements, while also not clear under corporate management situation in the

up-cycle businesses, they often feel that they can do anything, have to expand again, toms shoes mens
to achieve some "unnecessary growth . " Because China is now the industry is not very mature, there are a lot of development in different sectors of space, which is to create opportunities for diverse businesses. But Halter Financial (China) CEO Zhang Zhihao said that the current and future period of the global economy and financial markets face many uncertainties, while the Chinese economy is also facing tough test steady growth, structural adjustment, the Chinese enterprises in


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